BlazBlue Type Fighter For Ps4?

Arc System Works, who are the developers of Blazblue, have been recently talking to Japan’s Dengeki magazine about their concept for a new fighting game IP for the next gen PS4.

Toshimichi Mori is the producer of Blazblue and said that they want to create a “third axis” to Blazblue and Guilty Gear. They feel that it would be a great time to come up with a new fighting game as throughout the companies timeline they have always brought out a new game for a new console release. Guilty Gear was released alongside the Dreamcasts’ debut and Blazblue appeared to fans in time to the PS3 release so tradition is important to Arc System Works and they appear to have really set their sights on getting a new game ready for the PS4‘s release later this year.


Remember Me Enemies!

Remember Me is getting more highly anticipated as the time draws nearer its release  and now Capcom have decided to tease us with a new trailer showing off some of the sexy enemies we can all get ready to face when we get our mitts on the game.

For those of you who don’t know much about the game it is set in Neo-Paris in 2084 where in a Deus Ex-like world people can now change, swap and delete their memories. You play a memory hunter called Nilin as she kicks some serious ass to find out why her own memory has been stolen. The game is set for release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on the 4th of June in the US and the 6th of June in Europe!

Black Ops 2 ‘Uprising’ DLC Trailer!

Good news for all you hardcore FPS fans as DLC for the highly popular Black Ops 2 has now been officially confirmed by Activision.

The pack has now been confirmed after some eager beaver retailers were promoting it far too soon and certain things had been leaked out about the DLC to the public. It will be avaliable first on Xbox Live from April 16th and will showcase four new multiplayer maps anda brand new ‘Zombies‘ mode called ‘Mob Of  The Dead.’ This new take on the zombie killing mode sounds like an interesting one as it features actors, Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen! The brand new trailer explaining more on this new pack can be watched below.

Killer Is Dead Crazy Trailers!

Suda 51 is well known for his unusal and creative games, Shadows Of The Damned being one of the main ones, and his latest oddball game looks to be just as unique.

Killer Is Dead appears to be a cel-shaded shooter action/adventure type game with bags of style behind it and now there are two lovely trailers to watch showcasing the goods which will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer. Check them out below!

Final Fantasy X And X-2 HD Bundle!

Square Enix revealed to the gaming world today that Final Fantasy X (being released on the PS3 and Vita) will be accompanied by a revamped version of Final Fantasy X-2! The games will come to PS3 in a bundle package together and sold separately on the Vita.

The games are definitely due for release this year and a hell of a lot of Final Fantasy fans are twitching with excitement already…and the excitement is bound to increase as of Monday. On Monday we will all be treated with the official trailer! So keep watching this space as I will have it posted for all your viewing pleasure! Til then here is a nice big screenshot for you all to admire.


Diablo 3…On All Consoles?

Now we already know that Diablo 3 has been hunted and caught by Sony so it can be played not only on the PC but the PS3 as well, and this what thought to be an exclusive game for Sony only but now the senior producer for Diablo 3, Julia Humphreys, has stated that the highly popular online RPG may not necessarily be a PS3 exclusive.

The game has only been confirmed for PS3 AND PS4 at the moment and a version of the game was shown at PAX East today to the lucky expo goers. The cosole version will be less spammy, and have easier inventory menu’s making it smoother to play, it will also have a option to play offline for all those solo questers out there! Diablo 3 on console is going to be big!

diablo 1

What Is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a term that is used A LOT these days but not everyone knows what it  really stands for. When hearing the word cosplay some people tend to think of tacky costumes being worn in the backroom of a comic store while a game of Dungeons and Dragons is being played, or the next thought is one of sexism as so many people think that cosplay is just a way to ‘perv’ over women dressed in skimpy attire, however this is not the case as cosplay is very much an art form and way of expressing love for gamers and geeks favourite characters whether they be from films, TV, anime/manga, comics, or of course games. So much thought and effort is put into the best cosplay out there and its such an amazing part of ‘geek’ culture as it can unite so many fans together.

Cosplay didn’t start making its epic impact on the world until a few years ago and  the community has grown more and more into something that is now as popular as gaming and anime itself! Originally the concept actually came from the US although the term itself ‘cosplay’ comes from Japan where even everyday fashion is influenced by cosplay invoking styles such as Visual Kei. Everyone has soon found out about cosplay and before people knew it, it had hit western culture in a big way. Most of the fans wear their costumes to conventions held all over the world throughout the year, some of the most popular ones are the Comic-con in San Diego, London MCM Expo and for real authenticity is the Japan Expo which usually has around 200,000 people attend from all over Europe. Most of these events host competitions every year for the best costume of the expo; however you can only be entered if your costume is homemade as points are given out on creativity, quality and likeness to the character being portrayed.jessica nigri

With the cosplay scene increasing in size and popularity as each year passes it has also opened up a new section for professional cosplay modelling giving the geek world male and female icons. Some of the most popular professional cosplayers are just as well known as other celebrities; one of the biggest now being Jessica Nigri, at only 23 years old she has rose to nerd stardom and is known as a professional model and cosplayer. Her very first appearance was at a expo in the US where she dressed as everyone’s favourite Pokémon Pikachu (but a more provocative version.) Her most famous character representation is without a doubt her version of Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, and it got her a lot of publicity worldwide.

yaya hanAnother celebrity (and ambassador for cosplay) is Yaya Han; she has worked tremendously hard over the years and produces some of the best quality homemade costumes in the industry as well as making accessories such as ears, wings and tails to buy on her site. One of her most memorable costumes was only just last year when she dressed as Catwoman from the Batman: Arkham City game. Although females do seem to be more popular within this industry there are males that do it just as good, one of these being Jayem Sison, another professional cosplayer he appeals more to anime fans rather than gamers. For anyone wanting to understand cosplay and get into it themselves I suggest taking a look at these people online as they all have different outlooks on the industry.krystal fancies him

Whatever form of ‘geek’ you are there is something for everyone in the cosplay world and with it now being so popular its easier than ever to get started, so why not embrace your favourite characters and be ninja or zombie killer for a day!

Machinarium Moves From PC To Vita!

Developers Amanita Design made statements last October about moving their unusual puzzle game from the PC onto the PS3 but no-one really knew when this would happen… but now times have changed and not only do we have it on PS3 we will also be able to get it on the Vita pretty damn soon. On March 26th North America will be able to purchase the game for a small price of $6.99 (which is cheaper than the PS3 version.) The game has been tweaked with since coming out on the PS3 and will apparently also have you fully interacting with the front and back touch controls for a more fun way to play the game.machine game

Saints Row 4 Trailer!!

A while back a statement had been released claiming that the fourth chapter in the Saints Row series would be out in Autumn this year and now a trailer showcasing some unique looking gameplay has been showcased to the world.
The game will be out on the 20th of August in the USA and the 23rd of August everywhere else!
As far as we can tell the game has all new characters and is looking quite futuristic, one thing is for sure though, the franchise definitely hasn’t lost its wacky sense of gameplay.
If you haven’t seen it give the trailer a look below!

Lara Croft Reborn…With A Vengeance

Tomb Raider was first brought to the gaming world in 1996 by developers Core Design and publishers Eidos Interactive(which is now Square Enix); it was a game of exploring, killing enemies of all sorts, solving puzzles and well, raiding tombs. As well as all this the gaming world was also introduced to the first real action/adventure heroine…Lara Croft.

In the brand new Tomb Raider which was released on March 5th, the game has had a major revamp which makes it look and feel bloody awesome. Lara has been given a complete makeover in all aspects; this is very refreshing and definitely a step in the right direction for the franchise.

lc1Originally lead graphic artist for Core Design, Toby Gard said that he wanted the concept of Lara Croft to be a strong female, complete opposite to the stereotypical female characters in games, however when in the middle of designing her he accidentally increased her bust size by quite a lot…the rest of the team decided to keep this look and thus a rather oddly proportioned explorer was born. Over the years Lara has been changed slightly in looks and abilities but one thing always stuck and that was her strength and determination, she has been a popular choice for many female cosplayers as she has it all, looks, strength and intelligence, a very good role model for women everywhere.

However it’s not always been this good for Lara. As soon as the Tomb Raider films were released starring Angelina Jolie as the heroine herself things started falling fast for the franchise. The films were not well done and Jolie’s acting was pretty cringe worthy. At the same time of this all happening the games had also gone rather crappy, Eidos seemed to be losing track of the game and released Angel of Darkness…which done terribly. Lara has kept being changed and improved to give her more emotional depth, more realistic skin and muscle tone and revamped clothing but none of this seemed to get sales that high, even with the last instalment in the series, Underworld. The series wasn’t doing as good as anyone had hoped, that was until now.

This latest reboot of the game has done marvellous things for the franchise and Lara really has been born again. Square Enix stated that they wanted to make her as realistic as possible now in all ways and that’s exactly what they have done. After playing the first ten minutes of the game I was feeling real empathy for Lara and started making a connection with the character, this is something I have never done before with this game series.lc2

Physically she now looks like a typical young woman, she is still brunette and attractive but finally her body is now in proportion and much more realistic for the physique of someone who’s as active as herself. Also gone is her smug confidence, this has been replaced with a much more vulnerable attitude where she is learning as she goes along. These aspects make her much easier to connect and identify with her on different levels. This new version of Lara is gritty and much more emotional and I feel like this should of happened a long time ago as it could of saved the franchise from being put to the bottom of the pile as soon as arch rival Nathan Drake showed up on the scene in his highly popular Uncharted series, all I can say now is Mr Drake better watch out as the original explorer is back and she is kicking some serious ass to gain the title back.

lc3I really can’t express how much you feel for our heroine now as you play the latest Tomb Raider, every time she gets hurt it makes you flinch, the first and best example of this is when she falls onto a metal rod, as you frantically tap the button to pull it back out you can’t help but imagine how much agony she is in. Another nice touch to her character is how you see her reaction to when she first kills someone, in the other games she has killed many enemies without even blinking but in the reboot you see the fear in her eyes and how distraught it has made her. She also actually swears in the game, (for me this is big as her character has always been an aristocratic snob,) again this change allows players to really connect with her and how she is feeling. As you play through the game you see Lara face her fears and overcome them, growing stronger with each feat accomplished, turning step by step into a fearless heroine. After a lot of hard work and new concepts Lara Croft is now a character you are able to bond with and through this rebirth of Tomb Raider she is now stronger than ever before.